12 Feb


Hi! My name is Freddie. I’m a stuffed creature representing a popular cruise line. I was born in China, and am the youngest of about 10,000. As the most recently born, I’m a bit lacking in confidence and self-esteem. And besides that, look at me, I’m hideous! Who’s got a head like this?

Anyway, I started out belonging to a lovely young lady who acquired me on a cruise. Unfortunately, I didn’t fit well with her other stuffed animals, and she passed me on to her uncle.

Now Uncle Tom has put me to work around the house. I have a lot of jobs to do, and some of them aren’t the most fun, or even the safest. But no worries, I get to travel a bit too. On the downside, I don’t always get a comfortable seat, and often can’t even ride inside the car.

This blog is the story of my adventures. Stay tuned!


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